Bars in Manchester

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Bars in Manchester

Find the Best Rooftop Bars in Manchester


Manchester is a city that has all the charm and culture of London, with a little something extra. One of those extras? A rooftop bar scene is too good to be true. With time for exploring winding down, we’ve compiled our list of the best rooftop bars in Manchester for you to enjoy on your next visit!


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1) 20 Stories


20 Stories is a Manchester dining and drinking establishment located in the city’s most beautiful Spinningfields area, with perhaps the finest views of any location in the metropolis. Outside seating and alcoholic beverages are available high up in the sky, with windows surrounding to provide panoramic views. Feel the warmth of a canopy made of two-storey tall trees on a grey day, or gather around a fire pit at night for an ultra-cosy atmosphere.


2) YES


The YES rooftop bar is located on Oxford Road and offers stunning views over Greater Manchester.  With its vivid pink gig space and a basement club, this former auction house is quickly becoming one of Manchester’s most exciting hangouts. And when the sun shines, you may enjoy affordable pints and pizza slices on the industrial rooftop or beer garden terrace.


3) The Ivy Spinningfields


The Ivy’s roof terrace is beautiful, with plush velvet furniture, fire pits for warmth, and magnificent trees throughout, setting a floral environment for its brasserie service. The majority of the area is set aside for diners, although there is also a pleasant bar within the patio where you can sit and have a drink. With a roof garden like this, celebrities are sure to flock to it. The Ivy in Spinningfields has one heck of a high-ceilinged area, from the floral patterns and abundance of flora to the inventive drinks.


4) Terrace NQ


Terrace NQ is a rooftop bar located in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. It offers an outdoor area where you can enjoy views of the city, as well as heated areas and undercover seating for when the weather isn’t so great. The bar also stocks a range of cocktails, beers, wines and spirits, making it perfect for any time of year.


5) The Con Club


Not many people are aware that The Con Club has a hidden rooftop paradise in the heart of Altrincham, making this place even better since you’ll have a chance of snagging a space. Here you’ll find a wide range of potent cocktails and handcrafted beers. It also has a great menu of sushi and fish if you get hungry.


We hope you enjoy our list of the best rooftop bars in Manchester! If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends, be sure to check out one (or all!) of these amazing locations. And if you need transport to and from any of these venues, remember to hire chauffeur car hire services from MTS Chauffeur!


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