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MTS chauffeur – Roll up, CEO style!

Whether it is to escort the CEO of your company to one of your business locations, offer a foreign stakeholder a tour of your locality and premises, or simply take your invaluable clients on a fancy business dinner, MTS chauffeur aims to impress.

Our chauffeur car hire service in Manchester represents that ultimate professional appeal and makes a lasting impression on whoever comes aboard. We also aim to maximize the comfort of the ride by avoiding traffic and navigating the ride through our infallible inbuilt GPS systems. Our chauffeurs are selected with the utmost care and have knowledge and insight about the streets and routes of Manchester that makes the journey all the more smooth- without fear of congestion, hold-ups and time wasted on the ride.

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Commitment, Consistency & Cost-effectiveness

All business professionals know that getting to the venue without a hassle can decide the success of any corporate event. If your company is organizing or attending an important business event, stress levels are running high when arranging transport and maintaining punctuality. This is a burden we can take off your shoulders through our Manchester chauffeur hire service.

If your delegates, co-workers, clients or employers are sweating, tired and cranky from being held up in traffic and on public transportation, your business deal is unlikely to materialize! Make the most of our optimized transportation to make sure your corporate calendar with conferences, dinners, exhibitions and trade shows goes as smoothly as can be. After all, it’s a good business strategy to impress your target travelers before they even get to the venue! Our corporate travel support is bound to tie in your event seamlessly with travel to and from the venue, just like it has for hundreds of businessmen over the years.

Versatile Business Chauffeur Services

All business events and their requirements aren’t the same, and therefore our chauffeur hire service is specially tailored to suit your time, capacity and venues. Our travel packages are incredibly easy to access, even at the last minute, with the possibility of free quotes and online bookings at short notice. Our Manchester chauffeur hire services aren’t just limited to pick and drop, we also offer specialized personal travel arrangements for executives and businessmen travelling with us. Each customer has their own unique requirements, and MTS chauffeur considers it our job to meet them.


Safe and Convenient Corporate Travel with Mts chauffeur

Manchester chauffeur’s services have been fully adapted in line with government policies about Covid 19 limitations and precautions. With the city opening back up and corporate events making a return on business calendars, MTS chauffeur has made it our first priority to provide safe and risk-free methods of travel for businessmen across the city.


With our fleet of spacious, luxury vehicles, we can offer group travel services while maintaining social distance precautions at the same time. Our chauffeurs have been specifically informed about their duty and will wear a face mask and follow all precautions throughout the duration of your ride.We put your well being and health above all, and clean our vehicles diligently after every ride, using specialized chemicals to deep clean, sanitize and disinfect them.


Covid 19 might have made safe travelling difficult, but MTS chauffeur is always willing to adapt!


We Meet All Your Travelling Needs


At MTS chauffeur, we recognize how transport for corporate events need to be extremely punctual, organized and right on the clock, so we go out of our way to provide you with a reliable chauffeur hire service. We understand the importance of arriving at your meeting prepared, relaxed, comfortable and in the right mindset to participate in important discussions, as opposed to stressed out and panicked due to late transport.


Our professional chauffeurs will ensure that you and your guests will arrive in exceptional style and complete luxury for your important event. Whether it’s a team meeting, high-profile business dinner or important client event, we are always up for a challenge and can arrange exclusive, personalized and streamlined luxury transportation for you.


Ready to head to your next business meeting and take on every single challenge you come across? MTS is at your service!

You can book your chauffeur service directly from our website, or can give us a call at 0161 327 3066.




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