The Lightopia Festival

October 26, 2021 11:17 am Published by
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Lightopia Festival 2021 Delights Visitors with Bright Lights and Fun!


The Lightopia Festival returns to Heaton Park in 2021 for the third year, and it’s expected to be bigger than ever! This annual festival is a popular event for families living in the Greater Manchester area during the winter months and it’s a great way to bring families and community together.


The event features bright and fun lights along with indoor and outdoor activities, food stalls serving festive favourites, bars selling mulled wine in time for Christmas, live music performances on stage throughout the day, an ice rink that is free to access for all visitors during their visit, and much more. 


The Lightopia Festival draws thousands of visitors from around the city and beyond each year with its impressive light displays that feature trees lit up like giant Christmas trees, large glowing spaceships, and even a frozen fortress. 


The Lightopia Festival also features fairground rides, live music stages with performances by up-and-coming artists, and an array of food stalls that offer a variety of holiday snacks. Visitors to the festival can enjoy delicious treats like hot chocolate or candyfloss while watching the day’s entertainment on stage.


There are also interactive light displays for all ages. The kids can visit the Children’s Village, which includes a glowing winter wonderland and an enchanted forest where visitors become part of the show with interactive games like colouring in giant Christmas trees or dancing along to animated lights on walls and floors!


What To Expect This Year?


As it is based at Heaton Park, the Lightopia Festival 2021 route will go through different parts of the park. The festival always comes up with a new route every year, so we encourage you to check the official website for more information. 


How Can I Get There?


The Lightopia festival is located at Heaton Park, which has excellent transport links to the rest of the city. If you’re planning to visit the festival with your family and children, you can book your chauffeur services from MTS Chauffeur to ride to and from the festival.


Since parking would be scarce and expensive, we recommend that you plan your journey well book Manchester chauffeur services instead.


If you plan to come directly from the airport, the Manchester airport chauffeurs will be the ideal option as they can provide a quick and seamless ride from the airport to wherever you need to be. Book your chauffeur services here


When Will It Be Open?


The Lightopia Festival 2021 will be open to the public from 19th November until the 3rd January 2022. Opening times are between 17:00 to 22:00, and the last entry is 20:30 daily.


How Much Is It and How Do I get tickets?


Tickets will be £20 for adults,  £13 for children between 3 to 16 years old, while those aged under 3 can enter the festival for free.


We hope that this blog post was useful in providing information about the Lightopia Festival 2021 for Manchester residents and visitors who are excited to see the return of this popular event!


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