Top 5 Annual Events and Festivals

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Top 5 Annual Events and Festivals

Top 5 Annual Events and Festivals to Visit in Manchester


Manchester has always been a city that is full of surprises and excitement, for both residents and tourists. Manchester’s rich history and culture, combined with the many annual events and festivals, make Manchester an ideal destination for visitors from all over the world. Manchester offers a wide array of things to do and see, as it is full of life year-round.


From the Manchester Caribbean Carnival, which attracts over one million people each summertime, to Halloween celebrations in Manchester city centre throughout October – there’s always something fun going on! Around this time of year, however – we all start looking forward. 


We’ve compiled a list of Manchester’s top 5 annual events and festivals to get you started on your Manchester countdown!


1) Manchester International Festival.


Manchester International Festival features theatre, dance and music performances from across the world. Manchester’s rich cultural background makes it an ideal location to host this international event each year. Manchester International Festival can be enjoyed by people of all ages. This annual festival takes place every July. We suggest you hire a chauffeur service Manchester if you want to visit this festival as getting in and out of the city centre can be a hassle.


2) The Manchester Caribbean.


The Manchester Caribbean is an annual celebration of music, food and culture. The Manchester Caribbean Parade attracts one million people each year with its vibrant costumes, puppets and floats created by residents to celebrate their heritage. The Manchester Caribbean Carnival takes place around the summer months (June-August). 


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3) Manchester Food and Drink Festival.


The Manchester Food and Drink Festival is a month-long celebration of Manchester’s local food, drink and chefs. Visitors can enjoy street food from across the world as well as take part in demonstrations by famous Manchester Chefs. The Manchester Food & Drink Festival takes place around September/October time every year!


4) Halloween Parade In Manchester.


Halloween Parade Manchester is one of Manchester’s biggest annual events for kids and family! Manchester city centre transforms into a magical world as the streets are filled with ghostly parades, dancers and other creepy characters. Adults can enjoy Halloween too – so don’t forget to bring your camera along to capture all the spooky fun! Manchester’s Halloween celebrations take place towards the end of October. 


5) Manchester Christmas Markets


This festive activity brings a touch of Christmas to Manchester city centre. The Manchester Christmas Markets feature a variety of shops and street food vendors, with live entertainment taking place throughout the run! Manchester’s Christmas markets are open from early November until just before Christmas day itself. 


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