Manchester Stadiums Chauffeur transfers

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Manchester Stadiums Chauffeur transfers

Manchester Stadiums Chauffeur transfers


Manchester, a genuinely social and lively city: 


Manchester is a genuinely powerful, social, and lively city situated in the core of the North West. A centre point for expressions, culture, games, and business, Manchester is the ideal place for representatives to explore. The city is also well known as the most famous and alluring stadium in the world. Luxury Chauffeur Service Manchester provides you the facilities to visit these spectacular stadiums, which attracts thousands of people annually. 


The home of Manchester United: Old Trafford Stadium


           Old Trafford is a charming constructed football stadium. What is special about this stadium? The answer is that it is the second-largest football stadium in English, Wembley, being in the first place. It has a seating capacity of 80,000 persons. The historical Old Trafford is the home of the much-followed club Manchester United.


What makes your tour to Old Trafford special?


           Our experienced chauffeur drivers will serve you the chauffeur transfer to Old Trafford so that you can witness this extremely followed stadium in Manchester. You will be amazed by the state-of-the-art construction of this factual arena of soccer. You will be seeing dressing rooms of away and home teams and to be very precise, you are gonna be at the real where the football icon Christiano Ronaldo, a new signing of the home team, will be gearing up to put his show. You will be provided with the opportunity to attend an interactive museum and do not forget to grab your Manchester United jersey and team souvenirs from the united store. 


Manchester Etihad Stadium:


           In the tours of stadiums at Manchester, you must not forget to visit the home of the current champion of the premier league that is Manchester City. Etihad is the fifth largest stadium of the premier league and the tenth-largest stadium of England. Its seating capacity is 55,000. It was opened as an athletic stadium in 2002 when it was newly constructed after which it was opened as a football stadium in 2003.


What does a visit to Manchester Etihad include?


           The tour to the home of Manchester city will provide you the opportunity to visit the tunnel club hospitality area, the dressing rooms of both home and away teams, an interactive exhibition of the Etihad Stadium, first-team warm-up area, the press conference room, players dugout, players tunnel, and you will also be allowed to visit the pitch. Most amazing of all is that you can get the merchandise of the champions of the premier league from the city store at a discounted rate. So do not delay to get our chauffeur services to visit Etihad.


Would you skip visiting the arena in Manchester, which hosts both sports and entertainment events?

           An enthusiastic visitor will surely not skip a visit to the Manchester Arena. It is one of the busiest arenas in the world. What makes the arena special and busy is that it hosts both sports and entertainment events throughout the years. Although there is little care about the pandemic still events are being hosted under the necessary protocols of the pandemic. The seating capacity of the Manchester Arena is 21,000. It can conduct much-followed events like boxing and swimming. It was also used Common Wealth games.


Get in Touch to book your Manchester Stadiums Chauffeur transfers:


Our master drivers at Luxury Chauffeur Service Manchester will facilitate you to reach the destination. We assure a comfortable chauffeur transfer from the pick-up point to the destination. You can get in touch with us anytime to book the chauffeur. A tour to the iconic stadiums of Manchester plus a Chauffeur from Luxury Chauffeur Service Manchester makes the best combo. This will be an excellent chauffeur service for you that will be remembered for a long.